Books That Inspire You To Cook With Cannabis Flowers

cooking with cbd flowers

Study the art of cannabis cooking and create delicious cannabinoid-enriched treats at home by reading interesting books for cooking with marijuana.

And so you have decided to explore the exciting and delicious world of cannabis cuisine. Or maybe you just want some new ideas for your recipes. Whatever the reason, a cannabis-based cookbook is a must for all aspiring and experienced cannabis chefs.

Whether it’s a dinner, an evening with friends or an intimate Saturday night, any occasion is a good one to taste a delicious dish with psychoactive effects. By learning to cook with CBD flowers you can take a fun culinary moment to the next level and enjoy the experience alone or with friends.


If you follow a healthy and balanced diet, then Cedella Marley’s “Marijuana in the Kitchen” is a must-read book. In addition to proposing 75 green and healthy recipes, the author of the book (daughter of the legendary musician and cannabis enthusiast Bob Marley) also gives advice to those who want to approach cooking for the first time and proposes recipes on how to make beauty treatments made in home.

Between one recipe and another, Cedella will surely give you some ideas on how to cook with cannabis, to incorporate it into your daily wellness routine and for a safer and more responsible use. The reader will be thrilled to learn from her personal experience and to browse pages with magnificent, high-quality photos, which in themselves inspire and seduce.

The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

The High Times Cannabica Cooking Book With Over 50 Irresistible Psychoactive Recipes

When you hear about the High Times, the alarm bells of the cannabis community rings instantly. It is one of the most famous cannabis magazines, as well as being the organizer of the famous Cannabis World Cup which takes place every year.

What you may not know is that the High Times has also published a cookbook of its own. From marijuana appetizers to the most bizarre cannabis cocktails, “The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook” offers something delicious for all palates. More than 50 recipes to be exact.

The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook

Vegan Recipes to Make Delicious Marijuana Dishes

Cannabis cuisine can also adapt to a vegan diet. If you want to try a lot of delicious, yet respectful, recipes to make the most of your marijuana without involving any helpless creatures, you should definitely read “The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook”.

This cookbook will teach you how to make easy, quick and harmless cannabis dishes, including chocolate, peanut butter and coconut oatmeal bars or lemon tarts, and so much more.

You can also make delicious cannabis edibles with no psychoactive effects. In addition to THC-enriched desserts, the cookbook “The Vegan Cannabis Cookbook” also offers delicacies with only CBD, for those interested in savoring and adding only the beneficial properties and particular flavors of cannabis to their food.

cannabis flower chocolate muffins

Sweet Mary Jane

75 Delicious and Exclusive Cannabis Desserts

When you’re in the mood for something sweet, bring out “Sweet Mary Jane”, a great cookbook for making cannabis-infused desserts. Author Karin Lazarus owns a bakery in Boulder, Colorado, and with her book “Sweet Mary Jane” she shared the techniques for making some of her most famous desserts, such as almond chocolate delights and mango sorbet. just to name a few of the recipes contained in this huge cookbook.

All the recipes of “Sweet Mary Jane” are illustrated with beautiful photos and you will also find instructions for making cannabutter, cannabis coconut oil and sugar with THC. In addition, there is an entire section dedicated to dosage, to learn how to make desserts with the quantities of weed that best suit your needs.

From the Books: Learn How to Cook With Cannabis Flowers

Preparing food with cannabis is a “two in one” task. After all, you can eat different foods, from tinctures to cannabis, salad dressings, crackers and more, while your body receives, as a bonus, some of the 140 different types of cannabinoids, many of them with promising health benefits. Below, we’ll take the initial steps so you can learn how to cook with cannabis safely and efficiently.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about how to prepare your own foods with cannabis and how to dose THC in order to control the psychoactive effect caused by this substance.


To ensure the greatest possible therapeutic effect for your edible, always use high quality cannabis flowers. Important: high quality does not mean “flower with more THC”.

Ideally, a high-quality cannabis flower contains a generous amount of terpenes, the aromatic compounds found in the plant that give it unique therapeutic effects. Its presence defines much of the way the cannabis used in the recipe will interact with your body.

The certificate of analysis will ensure that the flowers do not contain contaminants, including pesticides. This is especially important when using hemp in your recipes as it is a bioaccumulator and as such can absorb heavy metals and other elements from the soil.

Which Strain to Choose to Cook with Cannabis?

One of the most common questions when it comes to cooking with cannabis is “which flower variety should I use?”. Generally speaking, this is linked to the decision about choosing Indica x Sativa.

Indica and Sativa are two different phenotypes of the marijuana plant – that’s the shortest explanation. The experience you will have with each one is highly individualized and depends on different factors. This includes your own age, weight and metabolism.

Once this issue is clarified, it is worth remembering that Indica varieties are more related to the sensation of “high”. Also for this reason, they are often used to help treat illnesses such as pain and insomnia – that is, indicated for night use. Cannabis Sativa, in contrast, generally has a more energizing effect and is often used during the day.

Hybrids are a mixture of the two and as such are the most common types of flowers available.

You can use THC or CBD rich cannabis flowers to cook your food. If you prefer foods with less psychoactive effect, you can add CBD-rich flowers to a THC-based recipe. This is because there is evidence that CBD can reduce the psychoactive effects attributed to using too much THC.

Decarboxylation of CBD Flowers

The next step is to decarboxylate your cannabis in order to convert the acidic forms of cannabinoids into more bioavailable ones. For example, THCA, when heated, converts to psychotropic THC.

To decarboxylate your cannabis, you’ll start by undoing cannabis flower buds with your fingers. Then spread them out on a baking sheet and place in a heated oven at about 115°C for 40 minutes. Remove and let cool.

Choose a Fat

Cannabis and shortening work best together, and the most common types of fats used are butter and oil. Cannabis oil is usually made from canola, olive or coconut oil. Coconut oil is considered the best carrier due to its health benefits.

How to Prepare Cannabis Butter

A great way to cook your cannabis butter is through the process that combines butter and water, as the liquid prevents the cannabis from burning and evaporating while cooking.

To prepare it, we add a pound of unsalted butter and two cups of water in a pan. Add the dried and ground decarboxylated cannabis flower as soon as the butter melts. The amount of flower you use – somewhere between 15 and 30 grams – will depend on the potency you want (but around 30 grams is the most common use). Cook over low heat for four hours.

Allow to cool and pass through a rennet cloth. Then refrigerate until the butter is solid.