Best Romance Writers

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Has there ever been a time when you liked a book so much that you ended up feeling like a close friend of the writer? When that narrative is light and engages you quickly, the plot is rich and full of detail, the characters are complete and loving.

Yeah, you can’t help but be fond of it when you find a great novel writer. The desire is to go out and buy all the published books and send a message asking to publish the next one soon, isn’t it?

In this atmosphere, the blog couldn’t be without a list of great writers to remind us and maybe get to know some more of their work as novelists.

Top 5 Novel Writers

Jane Austen

There’s no way to talk about romance without talking about Jane Austen’s classics. At a time when women didn’t usually have a formal education, the writer stood out for her innovative way of creating characters and talking about class and gender differences.

Going against the adventure and exploration books that were successful at the time, she chose to create stories with family intrigues in the rural world, with a certain irony and psychological plots. Today she is considered, after many prejudices, the first modern novelist in English literature.

Between the ages of 11 and 17, Austen wrote several novels and short stories about everyday life in the English countryside. Among the writer’s greatest successes are:

  • Reason and sensibility
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Persuasion

Nicholas Sparks

Just by reading this name, we already know how the story ends, right?

Nicholas is known for having beautiful stories, full of tears and sad endings with the death of a character, but that doesn’t take away the charm that the unfolding of his stories has. Anyone who is a fan of the writer knows very well what I’m talking about haha.

And it’s no wonder that he has several hits under his belt and a good part of them has already been adapted for cinema. In the list of the best novels Nicholas wrote, we have:

  • Diary of a passion
  • Stormy nights
  • A love to remember
  • Dear John

Jojo Moyes

jojo moyes

Jojo worked as a journalist for ten years and became a professional writer in 2002 with the publication of her first book, Em Busca de Abrigo. After that, it was one success after another. She wrote thirteen more books, all very well received by critics and readers.

Not to mention the beautiful film adaptation of How I Was Before You, with none other than Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke! Of course, the script for the movie was written by Jojo Moyes herself. The writer’s other successes are:

  • The Girl You Left Behind
  • After you
  • One plus one

John Green

Green spent five months working as an intern chaplain at a pediatric hospital and it was this experience that inspired him to write, a few years later, The Fault in the Stars.

For the truth of his stories for young adults, John Green has even been nominated for some awards, and all of his books have become famous and topped the bestseller lists.

In addition, the writer also has a YouTube channel along with his brother. His other successes are:

  • Paper cities
  • The Katherine Theorem
  • turtles up there down
  • Who are you, Alasca?

Julia Quinn

When younger, Julia Quinn was just like us: she didn’t go to sleep without finishing the chapter in the book she was reading. And when she was caught reading a copy that her father didn’t approve of, she managed to prove that it was all a study for her own book, finished 3 years later and rejected.

Despite this, she didn’t give up, and when 3 of her books were published, she dropped out of medical school and decided to devote herself completely to writing. Today she is a reference in period romance books and has a curriculum full of love and intelligent humor. Some of them are:

  • The Duke and Me (The Bridgertons #1)
  • Simply Paradise (Smythe-Smith Quartet #1)
  • More beautiful than the moon