Perfect Romance Books to Give to Your Boyfriend

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Valentine’s Day is coming faster every year and preparations start early for some couples, but perhaps the hardest part is choosing the present right?! Every year we see partners reinventing themselves to get the gift right and the fear of making a mistake is real, especially in the first year celebrating the date.

A good tip for not making mistakes is to choose one of the person’s hobbies and give him something from that universe. This way, you don’t run the risk of the gift being stuck on the shelf. A great example is books for those who are addicted to literature and love a bookstore, you can choose one or two new titles to help complete the collection.

If this is the profile of your partner, why not bet on romance books to help the mood of this date so special? Here are 5 must-see novels for any reader! Check out the list!

All Your Imperfections, Colleen Hoover

In “All Their Imperfections” Colleen Hoover tells the story of a couple who, like so many others, promised to love each other until the end, but with the imperfections of an imperfect love and marriage, they found themselves closer to the end than they imagined. An intimate and real romance that shows that sometimes the “only thing” that can save us is what we can’t have.

Ceiling for Two, Beth O’leary

A classic light and laid-back romance, “Ceiling for Two” is the story of two people who live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, but who have never met. The two communicate basically through post-its around the house, but can this unusual friendship survive the problems of completely opposite lives? “Ceiling for two” is one of those books that you read with a little smile on your face, even in the most tense moments of the plot.

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The Choice, Nicholas Sparks

There was no way to talk about romance and not quote any work by Nicholas Sparks. Among the thousands of titles by the author, “The Choice” is one of the public’s favorites, to the point of becoming a movie with the same name. In this work, Sparks tells the story of a couple who are proof that sometimes common choices can change everything. Sensitive characters, emotional scenes and an impactful plot, this is a complete novel to laugh and cry.

The Last Love Letter, Jojo Moyes

In this work, Jojo Moyes takes us back in time to the 60s, where, after a tragic accident, a girl tries to recover the memory of a life that seems incomplete. Until one day he finds love letters addressed to her and signed by “B”, thus discovers that he was living a real romance outside of marriage. Many years later, a journalist finds the letters and finds herself trying to reunite the couple anyway. A complex story about love, adultery and loss that will delight and thrill any reader.

The Ugly Side of Love, Colleen Hoover

“The ugly side of love” is one of Colleen Hoover’s best sellers, in this book the reader finds himself involved in an intriguing and enthralling story. If love is as perfect as everyone says it is, what would make someone never want to love again? What would be the ugly side of love? After living it, would anyone be able to fall in love again?