How Furry Community Became Safe Place for the Young


The furry community has been struggling in keeping their name clean and safe. This is because the media often portrays the fandom in negative light. This in turn can drive interested people away especially those who are not familiar about furries. With that being said, it is good to hear that most of the efforts made by the fandom have become quite a success and this is apparent with them amassing quite a number of fans year by year. Let us look how the furry community became a safe place especially for children.

One of the most important ways to combat misconceptions is by spreading awareness and information. The furry community has been active in the online space sharing articles and content about furries. The internet has indeed contributed greatly in helping spread this information in a timely and effective manner. Just about anyone has access to the internet and if they will not be running out of resources and information if they want to learn more about the furry fandom.

Aside from articles, online groups and communities were also created about furries. Topics are created on a regular day to day by the furry community and everyone is welcome to join the discussion. Social media is also a great place to know more about furries. This is often the place that you can find artworks, illustrations and other related media posted and shared by fellow fans.


Last but definitely not the least is the furry conventions. These conventions have definitely gone a long way receiving thousands of attendance on yearly basis. Furry conventions are a place where different fans around the globe gather to interact, socialize and engage to one another. This in turn makes them a great place to learn more about and this information comes from legitimate sources from direct fans. Popular personalities are also oftentimes invited in these conventions. Q & A panels are also held during conventions and this can be a very good opportunity to ask the questions you are meaning to ask to furries. Some enthusiasts even engage you to conversations related to love plugs. The conventions are supervised by the management and upholds strict rules and guidelines to keep the attendees safe. This in turn makes them kid friendly as a result.

It is good to hear that the furry fandom’s effort has not been wasted with the community becoming a safe place for children. Visit your nearest furry convention today!

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