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Floor Reading Lamps

If you are fond of anything that requires good eyesight and acute vision, for instance, reading, sewing, quilting, or some similar activity, you certainly know that is can't be successfully accomplished without enough lighting. If you do anything of the kind without good lighting, you're going to get eye strain quickly, headaches or even nausea. Fortunately, good lighting is no more a problem nowadays and floor lamps for reading will help you to enjoy your favourite activity to the fullest -

Thankfully, these lamps can be purchased quite cheap today, they are stylish and easy to use. The only responsibility for you to take is finding the right floor lamp for it to please you for many years to come. So let's have a look at some of the high-rate floor lamps for reading online.

Speaking about the best honorable websites selling this sort of lamps it's worth mentioning that offers three models which will certainly impress you. One of them is rather expensive, the second one is less expensive, and the third one is right in the middle. So, let's have a closer look at all three.

Verilux Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp is the most expensive floor lamp offered by the website. The company of Verilux has more than fifty years of experience in making floor lamps for reading. Such a long term of work denotes their dedication to their job and the quality of their products. This lamp is just great due to the fact that it applies the natural spectrum indoor sunlight. This light is maximally useful for the human eyes and doesn't irritate them. The proprietary technology used in this kind of lamps allows much contrast and reduces glare that can strain human eyes.

Verilux Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp allows easy adjusting of the lamps height from 39" to 53". Its head can swivel and rotate in a full circle for you to create optimum angle for reading. This lamp is made of very sturdy metal with a polished brass and brushed nickel finish. The bulb it uses is energy saving and extremely efficient so that you can adjust it to get the brightness of a 75W, 100W, or 150W bulb. This light bulb is guaranteed to last 10,000 hours, which is 10 times more than a normal bulb.

The middle option lamp is also made by Verilux. It's the Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp. This product was specially designed to provide the reader's eyes with fine light. With this lamp you'll get the glare and high contrast reduction as well as the durable proprietary bulb. There is also a utility tray that can be used for placing such handy items as pencils, pens, bookmarks, or reading glasses.

Probably the only drawback of this kind of floor lamps for reading is that their height can't be manually adjusted and their head can't swivel. If these two features are too important for you, you'd better choose the model described higher. This lighting fixture has a 3-year warranty, and is notable for wonderful customer reviews. Almost all these people like the light spectrum that it is natural and has no bluish tint characteristic of other "natural" lights.

The two floor lamps for reading described higher have perfect quality but if you're looking for a cheaper option, you should have look at Grandrich Full Spectrum Lamp. It has a nice black finish, and uses a 27 watt bulb offering natural light. This lamp has a gooseneck that can be adjusted due to its flexibility. By the way, it stands five feet. It gives off bright light. This lamp can be bought for a very low price and is right for reading or some other hobby. You are expected to pay about $50 - $80 for it depending whether it is on sale or not.

Ione Lee