Facing The Reality after Your Cat’s Death

I know how hard you find it to express your feelings and how hard it hits you when you say “I miss my cat”; yes. We all have been through this phase of our lives. And it’s hard; it is really hard to get rid of the feelings.

Facing the reality after your cat’s death is very important. Everyone has different way of reacting to the death of the cat or everyone tries to cope with the same differently but the main point here is you need to deal with it and face the reality.

There are a few ways you can cope with the loss of your cat.

Share your memories with someone. This is one of the best things you do when you are dealing with loss of your beloved cat. Sharing the memories with your friends or family will give you an immense sense of relief as it will be more like a tribute to your cat. You can even buy cat memorial stones here

Cats normally tend to live longer if something bad doesn’t happen. So if your cat has lived with you for like 10-12 years, it is impossible for you to get over the pain after you lose the companion you had for so many years of your life. And you will surely need time. So give yourself a good amount of time to heal the pain. I know it isn’t easy and no; time doesn’t heal anything but time surely makes you strong enough to handle the situation. So give it a bit of time and it will be all okay soon.

Everyone grieves differently and you will be grieving in a different manner too. Appreciate the grief and cherish all the moments you have spent with your cat. Learn how to deal with the grief in different ways and different manners. There will be emotional highs and lows and there will be times when you won’t even understand what are you feeling exactly. It maybe pain, anger, it maybe guilt or depression.. the emotion keeps varying. So you need to learn how to tackle with the same in different ways.

Adopt an abandoned kitten again. I know maybe it isn’t possible for you to replace your cat with some other. But think about it—giving shelter to another abandoned kitten is more like a noble way to honor your deceased cat. You will be doing so much favor on that poor little soul and hopefully the new kitten can bring back the beauty to your house once your cat have brought. The new cat or the kitten will keep you busy and help you get over the pain you have been through when your cat died. It is an amazing feeling – try it out.

Make memories – preserve the best memories you had with your cat. You can also put pictures of your cat in your living room – or keep his belongings, toys and other stuffs safe and intact. Treasure everything and reminisce the old days. You will certainly feel good looking at those pictures and relieving those memories.

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