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Everything about Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

Before starting talking about garage door opener installation cost, it's important to discuss the price of a garage door opener in general. Well, these products can't be cheap naturally, as they presuppose the usage of the latest technologies. There is no possibility to change a garage door opener into another one or into money if you don't like it. The only way to do it is if you have some serious problems with this item. So, it's highly recommended to make some calculations before starting shopping for a new garage door opener. So, how is it right to estimate the costs of this product?

First of all, pay attention to the brand of a garage door opener you are considering. In this way, a usual chain-driven garage door opener will cost you about $100 if it's manufactured by not famous inexpensive brands. And the one from well-known reputable brand will cost about $150. Well, these are the cheapest variants for you to consider. As these products are relatively cheap, they are not so functional and even have some drawbacks. Thus, for example, a chain-driven garage door opener is very noisy and produces unpleasant vibrations. In order to make it a bit quieter you will need to lubricate it rather often. Generally, speaking, it is the noisiest model.

Another option for you to consider is screw-driven garage door openers which although a bit more expensive but they offer more peculiarities and possibilities. In this way, you'll need to pay about $150 for a standard opener and about $200 for the models with extra features. By the way, these garage door openers are not as noisy as chain-driven ones.

Another variant for you to pay attention to is the belt-driven operators. These items function with the usage of special belts, thus are the quietest. One item will cost you about $200-$300 but be sure you will be offered more complicated technologies.

The price of a garage door opener is also determined by whether you are going to install it on your own or have it installed by a team of experienced specialists. In this way, you garage door opener installation cost will be equal to zero if you will install the product on your own. But you should complete this project yourself only if you're sure in your skills and abilities. In any case, you should follow the manual step by step in order to do everything correctly and not to subject yourself and your close people to danger. But if you're not sure in your abilities don't even start the project.

In case if you have decided to invite a group of specialists to have your opener installed for you, the garage door opener installation cost will be higher. It depends on the type of the opener you want to have installed for you. Secondly, this price will significantly depend on the company you are cooperating with. If this is the company you have bought a garage door opener from, it may be included into the package deal-delivery. Besides, you can always haggle with the price of this service. In case, if this is another company (not the one you have purchased the opener from) you'll need to pay more for installation only the service. In any case, you're not supposed to pay more than $500.

Finally, it's important to remember that one should attentively study the conditions and terms of the warranty deal. It may include or not the garage door opener itself, its installation and repair. This will prevent you from spending much money unpredictably.

Ione Lee