How to Choose the Best Photo Booth Company


The photo booths today have experienced a great deal of change further cementing them as one of the staples in parties and events. The increase in popularity in turn led to their services becoming more and more accessible. With that being said, the added presence and visibility has also caused a number of problems. For instance finding a suitable photo booth company that will be able to suit your preference and needs can be quite a challenge especially with their large numbers. Let help guide you through your search for the best photo booth company that you can employ to your upcoming event.

Online presence plays a very important role in finding the best booth company of choice. It should be noted that most photo booth companies in Melbourne, Australia has setup and integrated their services over the internet and one example of this is This is quite apparent with most of them having their own respective websites that they are managing. For that matter, make sure to consider online website as one of the prerequisites in finding a photo booth company. Having these websites up and running allows them to interact and engaged with their customers. The same can also be said with regards to their social media pages where they post some of the pictures of the event they have recently covered. Seeing these pictures will go a long way in giving you to some extent an overview of the services that they are providing.


Customer feedback and reviews can also be a huge contributing factor to help you decide the photo booth company of your choice. With the advent of online technology, posting reviews about a particular service is now made fairly easy. The same can also be said with photo booth companies as there are now reviews made for their services created by their clients. With that being said, don’t settle in just reading a single review. Gather a fair amount of feedbacks from these reviews and see if there is consistency with the scores or rating.

The competition is strong with photo booth companies with their ever increasing popularity. It is good to hear however, that finding the best photo booth company can be accomplished in a timely and effective manner. Consider the tips mentioned in this article to help you decide if the photo booth company that you are interested in will be able to cater to your needs.

How Furry Community Became Safe Place for the Young


The furry community has been struggling in keeping their name clean and safe. This is because the media often portrays the fandom in negative light. This in turn can drive interested people away especially those who are not familiar about furries. With that being said, it is good to hear that most of the efforts made by the fandom have become quite a success and this is apparent with them amassing quite a number of fans year by year. Let us look how the furry community became a safe place especially for children.

One of the most important ways to combat misconceptions is by spreading awareness and information. The furry community has been active in the online space sharing articles and content about furries. The internet has indeed contributed greatly in helping spread this information in a timely and effective manner. Just about anyone has access to the internet and if they will not be running out of resources and information if they want to learn more about the furry fandom.

Aside from articles, online groups and communities were also created about furries. Topics are created on a regular day to day by the furry community and everyone is welcome to join the discussion. Social media is also a great place to know more about furries. This is often the place that you can find artworks, illustrations and other related media posted and shared by fellow fans.


Last but definitely not the least is the furry conventions. These conventions have definitely gone a long way receiving thousands of attendance on yearly basis. Furry conventions are a place where different fans around the globe gather to interact, socialize and engage to one another. This in turn makes them a great place to learn more about and this information comes from legitimate sources from direct fans. Popular personalities are also oftentimes invited in these conventions. Q & A panels are also held during conventions and this can be a very good opportunity to ask the questions you are meaning to ask to furries. Some enthusiasts even engage you to conversations related to love plugs. The conventions are supervised by the management and upholds strict rules and guidelines to keep the attendees safe. This in turn makes them kid friendly as a result.

It is good to hear that the furry fandom’s effort has not been wasted with the community becoming a safe place for children. Visit your nearest furry convention today!

What Are Affordable Dinnerware Sets?


Dinnerware sets don’t need to be that expensive especially the ones that will be used on a regular day to day basis. Casual dinnerware when broken, also feels less painful as they can be easily replaced at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Let us look at affordable dinnerware sets and how to acquire them in the present.

Affordable Dinnerware Options


Plastic dinnerware is considered to be the most economical option customers can find today. Plastic dinnerware is relatively cheap while at the same time offers good amount of toughness and durability. This in turn makes plastic dinnerware oftentimes impervious to cracks and chips. A plastic plate falling down is also less likely to break when compared to other dinnerware counterparts.

Other Affordable Dinnerware Alternatives


If you are not a fan of plastic dinnerware sets, there are other alternatives you can find in the market. A huge number of individuals were able to purchase formal dinnerware sets without spending a fortune with the help of store discounts and deals as well as online stores like There are dinnerware stores today that offer great prices with a variety of their items. Holiday promos open up a good window of opportunity for customers to buy dinnerware items to complete their kitchen space. This in turn allows them to stock up on dinnerware to be used in the future.

Other great options for affordable dinnerware sets is through resellers. There are often resellers who want to get rid of their items right away because they are moving out to another area and other related reasons. During such cases, they often put their items such as dinnerware on rush sale for a very low price. These sales don’t happen often but if you spot one in your neighborhood, make sure to check them out and look for affordable dinnerware sets you can use for your home.

People should not feel hesitant on using affordable dinnerware on a regular day to day basis at home. If you are living alone or perhaps not expecting guest to visit your place any time soon, then you can save a fair amount of resources by choosing affordable dinnerware sets.

Money should not be the only factor that needs to be consider when beautifying your kitchen. Even though they are cheaper, these dinnerware sets can also look very creative and unique on their own. Start looking for affordable dinnerware and find the best value for your money.

Facing The Reality after Your Cat’s Death

I know how hard you find it to express your feelings and how hard it hits you when you say “I miss my cat”; yes. We all have been through this phase of our lives. And it’s hard; it is really hard to get rid of the feelings.

Facing the reality after your cat’s death is very important. Everyone has different way of reacting to the death of the cat or everyone tries to cope with the same differently but the main point here is you need to deal with it and face the reality.

There are a few ways you can cope with the loss of your cat.

Share your memories with someone. This is one of the best things you do when you are dealing with loss of your beloved cat. Sharing the memories with your friends or family will give you an immense sense of relief as it will be more like a tribute to your cat. You can even buy cat memorial stones here

Cats normally tend to live longer if something bad doesn’t happen. So if your cat has lived with you for like 10-12 years, it is impossible for you to get over the pain after you lose the companion you had for so many years of your life. And you will surely need time. So give yourself a good amount of time to heal the pain. I know it isn’t easy and no; time doesn’t heal anything but time surely makes you strong enough to handle the situation. So give it a bit of time and it will be all okay soon.

Everyone grieves differently and you will be grieving in a different manner too. Appreciate the grief and cherish all the moments you have spent with your cat. Learn how to deal with the grief in different ways and different manners. There will be emotional highs and lows and there will be times when you won’t even understand what are you feeling exactly. It maybe pain, anger, it maybe guilt or depression.. the emotion keeps varying. So you need to learn how to tackle with the same in different ways.

Adopt an abandoned kitten again. I know maybe it isn’t possible for you to replace your cat with some other. But think about it—giving shelter to another abandoned kitten is more like a noble way to honor your deceased cat. You will be doing so much favor on that poor little soul and hopefully the new kitten can bring back the beauty to your house once your cat have brought. The new cat or the kitten will keep you busy and help you get over the pain you have been through when your cat died. It is an amazing feeling – try it out.

Make memories – preserve the best memories you had with your cat. You can also put pictures of your cat in your living room – or keep his belongings, toys and other stuffs safe and intact. Treasure everything and reminisce the old days. You will certainly feel good looking at those pictures and relieving those memories.

Difference between predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance

Maintenance plays a crucial in life time of a system. While an efficient maintenance procedure can increase the life span of a system, an inefficient may trigger negative circumstances which may yield break down of the system sooner than it was expected. But there are different types of maintenance procedures and it is more often difficult to choose which to use when as each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and there is no procedure to fit all. Some type of maintenance is cheaper in cost and easy to carry out yet, when the disaster occurs, the cost of Repairing can be sky high especially in the case of a big industry. While other types of maintenance, though it may cost a few bucks yet, it could prevent further disasters and save money. Here we are going to put focus on two main types of maintenance which deals with different circumstances and how to differentiate between the two.

The two types of maintenance that are concerned here is, predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance. In these two cases, each has its own pros and cons.

Preventive maintenance is simply can be defined as, maintenance that are addressed which are required to prevent a disaster. For example, you bought a new car. While buying a car, 5-6 servicing are issued regardless of whether the car was running or not. First one may occur on first 3 months, next in the next 6 months and so far and so forth. Here it doesn’t depend upon the running conditions of the car as, the maintenance is issued based upon the time period rather than how much the car is running. Whether the car needs or not, according to this maintenance type, after the mentioned time period is over, the car should be brought into garage and check for faulty equipment. This is how the preventive maintenance works. It makes the disaster offensive by periodically checking of the system which in turn, adds unnecessary cost. In the above example, just because it was 3 months old, you may need to change the oil of the car even though the car may not run at all. This type of maintenance adds up into additional cost which can be avoided….

In preventive maintenance, on other hand, periodically maintenance isn’t carried out. With various frames of reference taken into consideration, analysis is to be made as and when maintenance needs to occur. It is different from the preventive maintenance in the aspect that, it doesn’t take time into consideration but overall health of the system. For example, in the above example, instead of taking the car for service in a pre defined period of time, if we take it according to the health of the car, such as indicating the oil needs to be changed upon inspection, it will be termed as predictive maintenance as, in this case, we took oil onto consideration and not the time period.

But predictive maintenance also comes with a price. To gather the data, and analyze them, you need to have the perfect ecosystem to carry out the measurements and also an experience person to analyze the data and predict accurately as and when which components may fail. More information here.

While in short term, preventive maintenance sounds like a great idea, it is actually predictive maintenance is what, lowers the cost of the system in longer term. With preventive maintenance, you need to change components which may not need to change. With predictive maintenance, all these are taken into consideration and then maintenance is carried out which prevents from unnecessary costs.


Psychology is Important to Restaurant Management: Understanding Psychology and Behaviour Helps Restaurant Managers

Every aspect of a good restaurant is well thought out to manipulate customers to spend as much money as possible. Customer loyalty is a vital key to restaurant success. Some psychology classes are highly beneficial in any restaurant management training program.

Michael Lynn 

Michael Lynn is a psychologist who studied different wait staff behaviours and how they affected server tip averages. In short, he determined that servers make more money when the diners personally like them.
For example, in some establishments servers are encouraged to touch customers on the shoulders because, in Lynn’s studies, this behavior resulted in larger tip average. The psychological theory behind this is that touching denotes closeness, and customers tip better when they feel personally close to the waiter or waitress.
In reality, the waitress and the diner are not friends and do not have a personal relationship; they have a business relationship.

Waitress Tips and Restaurant Profits 

Servers “tip out” other employees, such as bussers and (in some states) hostesses. A common restaurant policy is that waitstaff pay out 10 percent of their tips to the busser and another 10 percent to the bartender. The more money servers make in tips, the more money they will tip out, which means the bussers and bartenders are making more via waitress and waiter tips.
This benefits the restaurant from management’s perspective because it decreases pressure to pay employees such as bussers a higher hourly wage. Waitstaff who are skilled in both service and psychology are valuable assets to the restaurant.

Suggestive Selling and Upselling 

Upselling and suggestive selling are techniques in which both waitstaff and managers should be well-versed. When executed well, upselling results in more profits for the restaurant and a larger tip for the waitress. When executed poorly, upselling seems pushy and results in annoyed customers. 
For example, when a customer orders a vodka martini, a good waitress will mention that Grey Goose is available, then Kettle One, then Absolut. She mentions those in that order: most expensive to least expensive. A skilled waitress is subtle and reads customer cues well. She will suggest menu items (such as dessert) that may not otherwise be ordered. When she sees that a table does not want to order too much food, she will suggest sharing an appetizer. She is able to do so in a friendly and not an overbearing fashion. 

Restaurant Management Tips 

There is more to restaurant strategy than training wait staff to optimize profits. You should make  your restaurant stand out by providing unique plates, such as these beautiful slate dinnerware from Slateplate.
Restaurant managers understand how to make customers feel special. Customers are thought of as “guests”, and are being treated to the restaurant’s unique and superior brand of hospitality.

Managers create the atmosphere that the rest of the staff learn and maintain

Managers are the mediators who smooth over problems. They handle complaints with the goal of  ensuring that the diner will leave happy and will return. An ability to read cues, to understand, and to make people feel better are necessary restaurant manager skills.

Expectations of a Dinner Date: Is companionship, physical attraction, and emotional connection on the menu or will the atmosphere leave you hungry for a different course?

As dinner out or dinner and a movie are such popular first date ideas, I felt it more interesting to look at the parallels between eating at a restaurant, a common early dating activity, and the actual dating process itself.

You go to a restaurant hungry, with particular expectations of food, service, and atmosphere. These expectations are pre-set, typically based on what you have heard.

You also have preconceived perceptions about your date, based on what you have heard about him or her, and what you know yourself from previous first-hand experience. You also have date expectations, and are going out with particular needs you want met by the person you are spending time with. These can be: companionship, physical attraction, and/or emotional connection.

You may begin your restaurant meal with a drink to quench your thirst. You may order an appetizer to start off with something light and begin exposing your taste buds and stomach to the food and different mixes of salt, and sweet.

On a date, you begin with light conversation, and conversation becomes more intense, or personalized, as the evening goes on.

As you ponder the different options on the menu, you may have a difficult time deciding what you want! You may rationalize your choice based on what else you have eaten that day, weekend, etc.

This may apply to your choice of a date/mate, and what they offer to compliment your personality, etc. Your meal arrives, and this further satisfies your appetite, and ideally compliments your appetizer, and everything else of which you have partaken. Combined with the service, and atmosphere inside the restaurant, you are forming your own opinion of this place based on your individual experience.

Dessert is ultimately a sweet finish that tops off the perfect meal. You feel full, satisfied, and happy yet you will eat again in just a few hours. Just like the ideal date leaves you happy with the experience but ready to do it again in the near future. Especially if you have much in common with your date, and have made a connection, you are looking forward to your next outing and getting to know each other better.

No wonder we go out to eat early in our dating/relationship experiences. In addition to being a wonderful activity to give us quality time to have good discussion with our date, and establish a connection and commonalities, the activity perfectly parallels what is going on in the forging of a relationship.

Milk the Pigeon Book Review

I have read 100’s of motivational books about, “What to do with your life?” , “How to find your dream career?”, “What’s the purpose of life? “ and what not all. But I happen to jumble upon this book “Milk the Pigeon” by Alexander Heyne. It’s available on Amazon. I am really excited to spill the beans about this great advisor by providing you the best book reviews of all time. Let’s get into it.

The name of the book itself stands out. It’s stated to be taken from the previous blog that the author owns. All the happenings are true to his knowledge. The opening of the book starts with Alexander, a US citizen who travels all the way to China in his mid-twenties to learn martial arts. He has a keen interest in natural medicine since his childhood years. This book acts as a guide to all the people in their late twenties who are confused, to make the required changes that they feel are important to them. Alex repeatedly mentions about his struggle to find his passion. He changed almost 8-12+ jobs just in 3 years (between the age of 21-25), but he never had any guide or layout on what to do with himself. He absolutely hated the 9-5 jobs and finally, after realizing a lot, he returned home to stay with his parents chucking the kung-fu. But that’s not it, the key to the story is where he narrates his story and shows you the mistakes he made, the lessons that he learned sooner or later from those mistakes, how he converted those bad moves into building bricks to his success in his late twenties. The book also includes relatable quotes between each chapter that keep up the focus. The overview section has been laid out after every chapter.

Within 2 years, Alex is a self-made billionaire with his own mentorship classes and practices Chinese medicine. He is not only a motivator but he also wrote a book – How to Lose Weight the Natural Way – with an amazing response. With this book, he is also a leading author on Amazon in his niche category, all this was achieved using the same discipline and principles he mentioned inside the book.

The bottom line – Alex mentioned once that, “I wish someone else wrote this book and I bought it. I would have found my own passion and would be more successful in early years.” So if you are confused as well, then grab a copy as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss it.

Enjoy low cost meals while traveling with this website

The website currently only offers certificates to restaurants in the U.S., but just about every medium to large city is represented with restaurants offering up the discounts.

How Works

Do a search on the city you’re interested in by zip code, or do a regional search by state, which is then narrowed down until you get to a city level. Larger cities are broken down into subsections.

From there you get a list of restaurants offering up the gift certificates. You’ll find ethnic restaurants, new restaurants, chain restaurants and even gourmet restaurants. It varies by city, but there’s usually a really good cross-section to choose from, especially in the larger cities.

Each restaurants listing will contain information on the eatery, such as location and hours of operation, and most include a sample menu. Once you’ve decided on a restaurant, it’s time to buy the gift certificate.

The most common denomination for the certificates is $25 off a $35 or $50 check, which sell for only $10. Sometimes restaurants will offer up other discount options, like $10 off $20, and these can sell for less.

Save Even More!

Sign up for the website’s mailing list – even if you’re not interested in buying right now. Why? Because usually once or twice a month, holds a sale that lowers the price 50% or 60% off the normal sale price. So a $25 off $50 certificate would cost $4 or $5 instead of the normal $10, which makes this good deal even better.

The Drawbacks

When buying certificates to a town you’re traveling to, most likely you’ll be unfamiliar with the restaurants. Buying a certificate means you’ve committed to eating there. doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of a restaurant it deals with, so do your research. Do a web search on the restaurant or read reviews at sites like, Chowhound or CitySearch before you buy a certificate to make sure it’s a place you’ll like.

Most certificates also come with restrictions, such as “tax, tip and alcohol not included” or “valid for parties of 2 or more,” or have only certain days or times the certificate can be used. These are all spelled out on the restaurant’s page at, so make sure you’re familiarize yourself with any restrictions before you purchase the certificate.

And while certificates are good for one year from purchase, it is possible that a restaurant could go out of business for whatever reason. So the longer you wait, the more risk there is of the certificate being unusable. However, the website has a satisfaction guarantee with any certificate they sell, so you should be able to get an exchange for another restaurant with a certificate of comparable value.

How to Buy a Certificate

Purchasing a gift certificate is super simple.

After you’ve done your onsite search at, and picked your restaurant(s), just check the gift certificate you want and then purchase. You’ll then get links to immediately print out your certificate, so you don’t have to wait to use it. The site also emails the links, in case you do want to wait to use it.

When dining, present the certificate to your server prior to ordering, so they can include it in figuring out your bill total…and double check your bill when you get it to make sure the discount was taken.

That’s it. And remember, good karma is to tip based on your pre-discount bill total.

Park City Budget Restaurants: Eat like a local at these restaurants for anyone on a budget

Park City is famous for its enticing selection of fine dining establishments. What was once a sleepy mountain town is now a world-class resort mecca. Budget restaurants are hard to find, but reasonably priced options do exist to serve the ski bum population.

El Chubasco

This small restaurant in a strip mall in Prospector Square draws locals and visitors alike for the authentic Mexican dishes as well as the salsa bar, with at least ten salsas varying from mild to very hot. Here, you order at the counter, and they quickly bring your meal to the table. The enchiladas are a favorite, as is the creamy chipotle salsa.

Fat Kid Pizza

Locals know it as the best pizza in Park City. This extra thin, New York style pizza comes in a variety of creative styles from The Godfather (mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes) to the Eddie Would Go (Italian sausage and pineapple). Order a pizza for delivery for $20, or you can get it by the slice at the Sidecar Bar for about $4.


Technically it’s a bar, or as they say in Utah “a private club for members”. On Tuesday, it’s locals’ night, where you can get $3 garlic burgers and fish bowls of draft beer. It’s one of the few true dive bars in Park City. Look down the bar and you’ll see a lot of goggle tans, proof that most visitors here are Park City locals.

Davanza’s Pizza

Another great pizza place in town, this restaurant is popular with families visiting Park City. They serve pizza with a thick layer of cheese and lots of toppings. It’s not all pizza, though. There’s something for everyone, from burgers to sandwiches to salads to tacos.

Main Street Deli

In the middle of some of Park City’s most expensive restaurants sits this unassuming little deli. They serve not only the typical deli foods – hearty soups in bread bowls, meatball sandwiches, bagels – but also café favorites like smoothies and breakfast burritos. It’s a great place to stop for a bite while you’re strolling Main Street in Park City.

Nick’s Greek Café

Removed from the activity of Main Street is Nick’s Greek Café, situated in a strip mall near the Park City liquor store. Here you’ll find authentic Greek favorites such as pastitsio, dolmades, and of course gyros. It’s not as fast as Burger King, but the Greek owner will more than likely stop by your table to chat.

Kids with Autism and Restaurants: Strategies that Work for Eating Out

Problem #1 – The restaurant looks different.

A child on the autism spectrum often remembers seemingly minute details. He would be likely to remember where each family member sits at a table in a restaurant. He would likely remember the nice waiter who always has red balloons. He would also remember the way his favorite fast food restaurant looks inside and that it may be very different than another restaurant in the same chain.

Problem # 2 – The restaurant is too crowded.

Typically children with autism do not like crowds. People may be too close for comfort in a crowded public restaurant. Restaurant workers may be too “pushy” or too much in the child’s face.

Problem #3 – The restaurant is too noisy.

Sometimes the child thrives on turning up the volume from a favorite movie or CD. Those are preferred sounds. The sounds from a large crowd of people and unexpected sounds (a cannon firing near a theme park restaurant) can be uncomfortable or even painful to the child on the autism spectrum.

Problem #4 – The restaurant does not serve foods the child likes.

No one likes to eat at a place where they don’t like the food, and many children who are autistic have very limited diets (by their choice), perhaps preferring only foods of a certain texture or color. Other children may be on a restricted diet to address the autism.

Problem #5 – There are too many stims for the child.

Special lighting, fun doors, and dangling decorations can be stims for the child on the autism spectrum. If they are too engaging, it may be hard to even get the child to sit at the table.

Consider these strategies before tackling the restaurant scene.

  • Know the restaurant.

  • Prepare your child to expect differences. (The burger     place in your town has a western décor, but the one in the same chain in     grandma’s town has a sports theme.) Using pictures to talk ahead of time     can help.

  • Try to choose times that will be less congested. If     possible, try to have a favorite place to sit and request it.

  • If necessary, take some preferred foods for the child.

Sometimes, consider eating out without the kids.     Although a meal out can be a treat if it is the child’s favorite place,     remember that not every meal out has to include the kids.

Some Tips on How to Choose Customizable Pillows

People today will not be finding any shortage of customizable pillows with them being made readily available to customers. As a result, just about anyone will be able to purchase and acquire these types of pillows at any given time when the need calls for one to do so. Here are a few tips on how to choose customizable pillows for your own.

Find Stores That Offer Online Customization with their Pillows

As mentioned earlier, customizable pillows have become more accessible than ever before. This is made possible with stores setting up and integrating their services over the internet. Some stores have also made it possible for their customers to customize pillows directly through their website. This in turn helps save them a fair amount of time and resources as there is little to no need to travel to their physical store just yet to design their pillows  

Prepare the Text or Image You Want to Add

A number of pillow stores offer in depth customization with their items. They allow their customers to upload their very own picture, image or text personalizing them as they see fit. This is the reason why people are advised to prepare in advance the text or image they want to add to these pillows to save them from the hassle when looking for one. This allows for a seamless designing of your items.

Check the Size of the Pillow

It should be noted that customizable zonkd pillows comes in different shapes, sizes as well as forms. For that matter, it is important that you start your design phase by finding a particular size of customizable pillow. You don’t want to end up getting a smaller or perhaps larger size of pillow that you don’t want or need.

Get Some Spare Pillows

People are advised to replace their pillows as often as every six months which depends on their cleaning habits and allergies. The same can also be said with regards to your customizable pillows. Getting and designing some spare pillows will save you some time as there is no need to order a new set of pillows right away. Furthermore, you might be expecting some guests you want to impress and of course, you don’t want to share the ones you are using pillows. As such, having spare pillows will allow you to have them be used by anyone with little to no problems.

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