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Armenian Gampr Temperament and Lifespan

Armenian Gampr or Wolfhound is an ancient breed of dog, endemic to the Armenian highlands. From the outset, these dogs are more than just animals serving people they helped in the hunt, in the field, at home, guarding livestock and were just friends. Modern Gampr looks and behaves exactly the same as 3000 years ago. They also guard the cattle farms and people.

And they are friendly towards other animals and loves children. They agree with the animals as well as people, first taking in a circle lambs, puppies and other young. If they guard the flock, that they know all its members, especially taking care of the weak and small. They usually live for 9-10 years.

How Much Does a Armenian Gampr Cost and Price Range

The average price for this breed of dogs is from $300 to $500. The cost will depend on the breeder and the place you are going to buy the pet. First of all, you should decide if you need just the pet quality dog or it is a must to have the show quality dog as the price will be different too.

Armenian Gampr Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Armenian Gampr dogs are large and powerful animals with a muscular body and a massive head. The length is little more than the height that gives a rectangular shape. Height for males is from 67 cm, for females is at least 63 cm. The average weight is about 60 kg, typically around 50 kg females, males are 60 kg, but may be much heavier. Wool is double with a well-developed undercoat. The upper shirt is rigid, shorter on the muzzle, ears, paws. Hard coat of guard not only protects them from frost and moisture, but also from the opponents' teeth. Coat color is dependent on habitats and can be almost anything. The brown color is considered undesirable. Gampr from mountain areas is usually larger, with long hair, and from the plains have less hair of the shorter length.

The head is large, dome-shaped skull head occupies 60%, 40% is the face. The ears are set high on the head, and cannot be docked. However, historically, they have been cropped so that predators couldn't grasp them. The working dogs have them cut today too.

Armenian Gampr Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The character of Gampr is the contrast between the gentleness and sensitivity and great power. They are independent and quiet, they form a strong bond with your family. Armenian Gampr is tied to the family, but unlike other dogs, doesn't consider his master the God. To be respected and loved by this dog people should respect and love them in their turn. This dog needs to feel that it is necessary and important, they are usually first become closer with children and women as they are more emotionally open.

They are cautious in relationships and at work. During herd protection, they always avoid risks, choosing the most secure way. In nature, they move with grace, but silently, following the master in the distance. At the same time, they describe a wide circle along the perimeter track all that can be dangerous. This excellent guard dogs whose skills honed for millennia.

Ione Lee