Expectations of a Dinner Date: Is companionship, physical attraction, and emotional connection on the menu or will the atmosphere leave you hungry for a different course?

As dinner out or dinner and a movie are such popular first date ideas, I felt it more interesting to look at the parallels between eating at a restaurant, a common early dating activity, and the actual dating process itself.

You go to a restaurant hungry, with particular expectations of food, service, and atmosphere. These expectations are pre-set, typically based on what you have heard.

You also have preconceived perceptions about your date, based on what you have heard about him or her, and what you know yourself from previous first-hand experience. You also have date expectations, and are going out with particular needs you want met by the person you are spending time with. These can be: companionship, physical attraction, and/or emotional connection.

You may begin your restaurant meal with a drink to quench your thirst. You may order an appetizer to start off with something light and begin exposing your taste buds and stomach to the food and different mixes of salt, and sweet.

On a date, you begin with light conversation, and conversation becomes more intense, or personalized, as the evening goes on.

As you ponder the different options on the menu, you may have a difficult time deciding what you want! You may rationalize your choice based on what else you have eaten that day, weekend, etc.

This may apply to your choice of a date/mate, and what they offer to compliment your personality, etc. Your meal arrives, and this further satisfies your appetite, and ideally compliments your appetizer, and everything else of which you have partaken. Combined with the service, and atmosphere inside the restaurant, you are forming your own opinion of this place based on your individual experience.

Dessert is ultimately a sweet finish that tops off the perfect meal. You feel full, satisfied, and happy yet you will eat again in just a few hours. Just like the ideal date leaves you happy with the experience but ready to do it again in the near future. Especially if you have much in common with your date, and have made a connection, you are looking forward to your next outing and getting to know each other better.

No wonder we go out to eat early in our dating/relationship experiences. In addition to being a wonderful activity to give us quality time to have good discussion with our date, and establish a connection and commonalities, the activity perfectly parallels what is going on in the forging of a relationship.

Milk the Pigeon Book Review

I have read 100’s of motivational books about, “What to do with your life?” , “How to find your dream career?”, “What’s the purpose of life? “ and what not all. But I happen to jumble upon this book “Milk the Pigeon” by Alexander Heyne. It’s available on Amazon. I am really excited to spill the beans about this great advisor by providing you the best book reviews of all time. Let’s get into it.

The name of the book itself stands out. It’s stated to be taken from the previous blog that the author owns. All the happenings are true to his knowledge. The opening of the book starts with Alexander, a US citizen who travels all the way to China in his mid-twenties to learn martial arts. He has a keen interest in natural medicine since his childhood years. This book acts as a guide to all the people in their late twenties who are confused, to make the required changes that they feel are important to them. Alex repeatedly mentions about his struggle to find his passion. He changed almost 8-12+ jobs just in 3 years (between the age of 21-25), but he never had any guide or layout on what to do with himself. He absolutely hated the 9-5 jobs and finally, after realizing a lot, he returned home to stay with his parents chucking the kung-fu. But that’s not it, the key to the story is where he narrates his story and shows you the mistakes he made, the lessons that he learned sooner or later from those mistakes, how he converted those bad moves into building bricks to his success in his late twenties. The book also includes relatable quotes between each chapter that keep up the focus. The overview section has been laid out after every chapter.

Within 2 years, Alex is a self-made billionaire with his own mentorship classes and practices Chinese medicine. He is not only a motivator but he also wrote a book – How to Lose Weight the Natural Way – with an amazing response. With this book, he is also a leading author on Amazon in his niche category, all this was achieved using the same discipline and principles he mentioned inside the book.

The bottom line – Alex mentioned once that, “I wish someone else wrote this book and I bought it. I would have found my own passion and would be more successful in early years.” So if you are confused as well, then grab a copy as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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